What is eNotices?

    In 2003 the Australian Hydrographic Office introduced a system that allows you to receive Australian Notices to Mariners for your charts by e-mail. This service is called eNotices.

    How does eNotices work?

    Users must register to use the service on this web site. Users create their portfolio of charts and publications by selecting from a scrollable list at registration time. Then as Australian Notices to Mariners are published, registered users are automatically emailed only the Notices to Mariners that affect their portfolio. This is currently performed on a fortnightly basis aligned with the release of each edition of fortnightly Australian Notices to Mariners.

    This service is very useful for all mariners whether they have a small set of charts and publications or the entire catalogue as only the notices that apply for the current edition are emailed to you. All you need is a working email account and you are on your way to receiving the latest Notices to Mariners automatically.

    How do I register for eNotices?

    To register for eNotices you need a working email account.

    If you would like to register for the eNotices Service, Register Now

    How do I update or make changes to my Notices Portfolio ?

    Previously registered users can make modifications to their chart portfolio by logging on below.


    What types of Notices are included in eNotices?

    Permanent, Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners are all included in eNotices in an easy to read text format.

    Blocks, tracings or Part 1 of the Australian Notices to Mariners (charts and publications published or withdrawn) are not included in eNotices, however links to blocks are included in the emails. This allows eNotices email file sizes to remain small compared to the full fortnightly Australian Notice to Mariners, and therefore is more easily downloaded at sea. Full fortnightly Australian Notices to Mariners (including accompanying blocks and tracings) are available from the View Notices to Mariners section of this web site each fortnight.

    What does eNotices Cost?

    eNotices is a free service.

    How else can I obtain Notices to Mariners updates?

    If you want access to Notices to Mariners on a casual basis and know the chart number you are after, you can use our Standard Australian Chart Index for both paper charts and ENC cells to find your chart, then access a cumulative list of Notices for that chart via the view option. This option is recommended if you wish to correct a small number of charts and need to know which notices are applicable to these specific charts.

    Alternatively Australian Notices to Mariners editions are also available from the following sources:

    • The View Australian Notices to Mariners section of this web site.

    • Note:
      Notices to Mariners Editions are available from 1997 to current year.
      Notices to Mariners Blocks, Notes are available from 1999 to current year
      Notices to Mariners Tracings are available from 2001 to current year

    • From Distributors for the sale of Australian Navigational Products. For details see the Distribution Agents section of this web site.