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About using Acrobat Reader to view Australian Notices to Mariners

Editions of Australian Notices to Mariners are PDF PDF files that are best viewed with at least version 11 of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not presently have this reader installed it can be downloaded from Adobe.

Wherever you see the symbolNote appear within a notice to mariners, double clicking upon the symbol will reveal further information in note form.

About Printing Tracings and Blocks

It is important that tracings and blocks are printed at the correct size so that they will ‘fit’ the corresponding chart. To ensure correct fit, mariners should note the following:

  1.  Some printer settings may distort the size of the tracing or block being printed. Tracings and blocks should be printed at 100% size. Any printer setting that implies the size or scale of the image will be changed (such as ‘fit to’, ‘reduce to’, ‘shrink’ or ‘expand’) should not be selected.
  2. Editions of Australian Notices to Mariners are ‘pdf’ files that are best viewed with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. When printing blocks and tracings using Adobe Acrobat Reader, ensure that the ‘Page Scaling’ setting is changed to ‘None’.
  4. Blocks published from Notices to Mariners Edition 16/2008 (15 August 2008 onwards) have block dimensions written on them. Mariners can therefore check the printed size of these blocks with a ruler.
  5. The appropriate check of print accuracy is how well the printed block or tracing fits the corresponding chart. For tracings this is a matter of how well the static information and graticule lines drawn on the tracing matches the corresponding underlying chart. For blocks it is a matter of how well the information at the edges of the block match up with the corresponding underlying chart for example, do the contours meet?
  6. Variations in size of up to 1 mm can be expected. Mariners should also note that tracings should only be used as a guide when applying Notices to Mariners updates.
  7. Mariners experiencing difficulties with printing blocks and tracings to correct size should contact the AHS Notices to Mariners department.

View Notices to Mariners Editions and Tracings

  PublicationPDF SupplementsPDF
Notice Edition   Tracings (I) Others (II-V)
Edition 5 - NTMs 202 - 253
Edition 4 - NTMs 143 - 201
Edition 3 - NTMs 98 - 142
Edition 2 - NTMs 50 - 97
Edition 1 - NTMs 1 - 49

Notices for Australian Publications

  • Annual Notices to Mariners
    • nil
  • Australian National Tide Tables (AHP 11)
  • Australian Chart & Publication Maintenance Handbook (AHP 24) (4th Edition) - Free Download

Annual Notices to Mariners

  • Annual Notices to Mariners PDF(5.47MB)

    The Annual Australian Notices to Mariners contained information regarding navigation charts and publications. However it
    will no longer be published in its previous format. All relevant information has been transferred into the Seafarers
    Handbook For Australian Waters (AHP20). The ANTM publication provides a tabulated list giving the reference
    between the previous ANTM number and the corresponding sections of AHP20.

Cumulative Lists

Other Notices

  • Miscellaneous Notices
    • Nil Notices
  • Marine Notices
    • Nil Notices

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Notices to Mariners Blocks and Notes

Notice Number
Aus20 - 157
Aus24 - 158
Aus52 - 219 New
Aus53 - 219 New
Aus125 - 61
Aus152 - 113
Aus177 - 114
Aus181 - 19
Aus182 - 19
Aus197 - 51
Aus198 - 51
Aus200 - 51
Aus270 - 208 New
Aus329 - 161
Aus335 - 59
Aus336 - 59
Aus523 - 8
Aus653 - 8
Aus720 - 157
Aus756 - 59
Aus757 - 59
Aus758 - 59
Aus759 - 112
Aus766 - 167
Aus780 - 221 New
Aus781 - 61
Aus798 - 165
Aus800 - 165
Aus808 - 51
Aus809 - 51
Aus821 - 101
Aus4620 - 148
Aus4720 - 148
SLB102 - 115