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Important Information For Chart Users

The following Australian and Admiralty publications should be referred to when using Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) published paper charts and AusENC. Note: you should ensure that charts and publications are kept corrected.

Related Information Published by Australia

  Symbols, Abbreviations & Terms Used on Australian Charts

Notices to Mariners #17 - Symbology Used on Australian Navigational Charts PDF
Contains symbology which has not been adopted in the International Hydrographic Organisation INT 1 (symbols & abbreviations) publications for use in AHO published charts.

  AHO Publications
Title Edition
Australian Notices to Mariners Updated fortnightly
Australian National Tide Tables 2019
AusTides 2019
Seafarers Handbook for Australian Waters 4th (2016)

These publications satisfy Chapter V of the SOLAS Convention and promulgated for Australia under AMSA Marine Order 27 (Safety of navigation and radio equipment) 2016, which details carriage requirements for nautical charts and publications necessary for the intended voyage.

Related information published by the British Admiralty


(1) Current editions of Sailing Directions and their latest supplements.

NP No Title
9 Antarctic Pilot
13 Australia Pilot Vol I
14 Australia Pilot Vol II
15 Australia Pilot Vol III
33 Philippine Islands Pilot
34 Indonesia Pilot Vol II
35 Indonesia Pilot Vol III
36 Indonesia Pilot Vol I
39 South Indian Ocean Pilot
44 Malacca Strait and West Coast of Sumatra Pilot
51 New Zealand Pilot
60 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol I
61 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol II
62 Pacific Islands Pilot Vol III
136 Ocean Passages for the World

(2) Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals

NP No  
83 Volume K

(3) Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals (Digital)

  Admiralty Digital List of Lights

(4) Admiralty List of Radio Signals

NP No Title
281(2) Volume 1 Part 2 Coast Radio Stations Oceania, the Americas and the Far East
282 Volume 2 Radio Aids to Navigation, Satellite Navigation Systems, Legal Time, Radio Time Signals and Electronic Position Fixing Systems
283(2) Volume 3 Part 2 Maritime Safety Information Services Oceania, the Americas and the Far East
284 Volume 4 Meteorological Observation Stations
285 Volume 5 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
286(4) Volume 6 Part 4 Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations Asia and Australasia

(5) Tidal Publications

NP No Admiralty Tide Tables  
203-09 Volume 3 Indian Ocean and South China Sea (including Tidal Stream Tables)  
204-09 Volume 4 Pacific Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables)  
NP No Co-Tidal Atlas  
215 South East Asia  
NP No Admiralty Tidal Prediction Software
  TotalTide CD-ROM
560 Simplified Harmonic Method of Tidal Prediction (SHM for Windows) CD-ROM

(6) Distance Tables

NP No Admiralty Distance Tables  
350(2) Indian Ocean- Indian Ocean and part of the Southern Ocean from South Africa to New Zealand, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Eastern Archipelago  
350(3) Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean and bordering seas  

(7) Miscellaneous Publications

NP No Title
100 The Mariner’s Handbook
294 How to Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up-to-Date
735 Maritime Buoyage System


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Australian Paper Chart and Electronic Navigation Chart Specifications

Australian Paper Charts and ENCs are compiled in accordance with specifications published by the International Hydrographic Organisation (see Other Related Information). These IHO specifications allow for some tailoring to meet individual circumstances and requirements. To ensure consistency within the limits of the IHO specifications, the Australian Hydrographic Service has developed additional specifications, to be read in conjunction with those published by the IHO. Published Australian specifications are periodically updated and include:

  • SPEC_05_55_AA34159_AUOC - Australian Use of the Object Catalogue (Edition 22). (Based on: S-57 (EDITION 3.1) APPENDIX B.1, Annex A - Use of the Object Catalogue for ENC, Edition 4.0.0)
    SPEC_05_55_AA34159_AUOC PDF
  • SPEC_05_55_AA223480 - AUSTRALIAN PAPER CHART SPECIFICATIONS. (Based on: Chart Specifications of the IHO (S-4), Part B Medium and Large Scale Charts)
    AHO Paper Chart Specs PDF
    AHO Text Specs PDF

Use of these specifications is encouraged where this will assist in harmonisation between the paper charts and ENCs published by other hydrographic authorities. It must be noted that in some cases these documents are a composite of AHS and associated IHO information. Permission must therefore be sought from the IHO and AHS if any part of these documents is to be re-published in any way.

Other Related Information

  S-4 - Regulations of the IHO for International (INT) Charts & Chart Specifications of the IHO  

S-4 Chart Specifications of the IHO PDF

Regulations of the IHO for International (INT) Charts & Chart Specifications of the IHO. Published by the IHB Monaco
Used with permission.

  S-66 - Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements  

Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements PDF

Written in an easy to read “question and answer” style, this publication answers over twenty of the most commonly asked questions about electronic charts (ENCs and RNCs) and their use in ECDIS and ECS. Its main emphasis is on what types of chart data and types of equipment can be used to satisfy the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) carriage requirements for charts. It contains the following information:

Section 1: Overview of electronic charting and regulations
Section 2: A list of points of contact for detailed information on Flag State Implementation of ECDIS
Section 3: ECDIS Training
Section 4: Technical aspects of electronic charts
Section 5: Appendix: References, glossary, further reading

Note: The document was originally produced by the Primar and IC-ENC Regional ENC Coordination Centres (RENCs). In 2008 it was adopted by the IHO and following further revision it was published in January 2010 as IHO publication S-66.

  IHO - Publication Downloads  
  IHO Catalogue of Publications
The IHO has many publications that are available for download. Some are freely available, while others are available for a small fee or to IHO members and Subscribers.
Used with permission.